Tin Roofing

Tin roofing has been around since the 1800’s and it has not lost its popularity since then. You might question why this is so when there have been lots of other roofing types innovated in recent years. In addition to that, tin roofs tend to create too much noise during heavy rains. The reasons behind the unfading popularity of a tin roof are its durability and affordability.

Tin has been among the most affordable type of metals in previous years and has remained to up to now. However, you should not base your decision in opting for this roofing type based on its inexpensiveness alone, as there are other important matters that should be taken into consideration.

Tin roofs require proper insulation and sound proofing to achieve maximum effectiveness. There should be enough layers of soundproofing materials beneath a tin roof to considerably reduce the noise created during rainy days. Such soundproofing materials may also serve as insulators to keep a residential or commercial building cool during hot summers and warm during winter months.

Despite the need for special soundproofing and insulation, tin roofing is still a practical solution as it does not deteriorate easily. It can withstand any environmental condition and it does not corrode due to water and salt. The only substance contraindicated with tin is acid, so if you want this type of material for your roofing, make sure that you know the acidity levels of rain in your area. Places near industries normally have rains with very low Ph value.

Tin Roofing Contractors

Tin roofers are well adept in putting underlayment accurately so do not be afraid of dealing with the soundproofing and insulation issues. Contact tin roofing contractors to have your home constructed with this type of roofing.