A roof is a highly functional component of a house as it provides protection against all weather conditions. Roofs keep you away from the dangers brought by harsh winds, rains, snowfalls and hails as well as from extreme rays of the sun. This makes it necessary to keep roofs at their best condition and this can be done by means of regular roof maintenance.

Maintaining a roof can be performed even by persons who are not experts in the field of roofing. If done habitually, minute roofing problems can be addressed promptly and this could very well prevent occurrence of major roofing troubles. Here are some tips on how to maintain your roof.

Check your roof’s flashing from time to time and make sure that it allows easy flow of water. If aging is already evident on it and it is not serving its purpose well, then you should have it replaced.

If you are using asphalt shingles, check for buckling or splitting as they are signs that the shingles are deteriorating and should be changed the soonest possible time.
Roofs made of metal or wood materials should be watched for dents and other imperfections caused by severe weather conditions. Specific for metal roofs, check out for rusting and chipping. It is highly advantageous to check for such signs to prevent occurrence of any untoward event if such problems get worse.

Keep your roof free from dirt such as falling leaves, tree trunks, bird wastes and others. Roof cleaning should be done regularly to prevent dirt from accumulating especially on roof gutters and flashings so water can flow down freely.
Aside from DIY maintenance of your roof, it is also advisable to contact professional roofers occasionally for intensive roofing maintenance works.