Roof Construction

A roof is a very important component of a house as it protects your family or your establishment from pouring rains, heavy snows, and strong winds. If you are planning for a roofing construction, you should be aware of the best kind of roof for your area so you can obtain maximum protection from your roof.

As you choose a roof for your roofing construction, you should have yourself acquainted with the different types of roofs and their corresponding purposes. Picking the wrong roof type for your house or building could mean a serious disaster. For instance, if you have a flat roof constructed but your area is prone to heavy snows, your roof might collapse due to too much weight of the snow. Be aware that this type of roofing is only ideal for places with hot climate as it can make an interior cool.

Here are some of the different types of roofing and their attributes:

Mansard – This roofing type is widely known as the flat roof. As mentioned above, its best for warm areas as it can keep a home or an establishment cool even during extremely hot weather conditions.

Gable – This kind of roof is generally used in most houses and buildings situated in areas frequented with heavy rains and snows. A gable is a slated roof which allows hail, snow, and rain to simply slide off.

Hipped – This roofing construction type is comparable to a gable roof. Hipped roofs are perfect for areas prone to hurricanes as they cannot be detached easily.
When it comes to roofing construction, it is best to have it handled by licensed roofing contractors to ensure quality outcome. Call roofers in your area now!