Snow Roof Collapse

Snow roof collapse is a serious structural failure that can affect any part of the house. It is caused by snow and ice accumulation on the roof. Big loads of snow are strong enough to damage and crash your roof. And in worse scenarios, melting ice and snow can cause water seepage that will rot your roof, destroy insulation, flood attics, ruin gutters and destroy your beautiful home. Roof collapse from snow can be prevented by hiring roofing contractors to build strong roofs.

To better protect your family and your home, always take note of the warning signs that your roof is collapsing. The first and most obvious sign is the sagging of the roof. If you see that the roof is about to crash or you hear a creaking or popping sound, you should get out of the house immediately. Your roof may collapse any minute and cause serious injury. Another sign to look for is the leaks from the ceiling, bowed pipes attached to the ceiling, doors pop open and windows that are difficult to open. Contact emergency roofing contractors immediately if you see any of these signs.

To prevent roof collapse from snow, remove snow and ice from your roof by using a roof rake. Start from the edge and work your way through by using a downward stroke. Do not use to much force. Shave at least two to three inches of snow only. Scraping the roof with too much force may damage your shingles or roof covering.

When removing snow from the roof, always observe safety. Using ladders are prohibited because the ladders can easily slip on the wet ground. Use long handled or extendable wooden snow rake. Always exercise extreme caution when climbing onto snowy or icy rooftops. If you are uncomfortable scraping the snow off your roof, hire a professional.