Copper Roofing

If your chief consideration in selecting a roof is its longevity and resilience rather than its price, then your best option is copper roofing. This type of roofing is much pricier than other roofing types but has a significantly greater lifespan. With appropriate copper roof maintenance, copper roofs can last for a century or more compared with other roofing types such as an asphalt shingle, which usually lasts for 10 years at the most.

Copper roofing can exist for a very long period of time because of its high resistance to wear and tear. Ironically, it even becomes more resistant as it ages. Copper roofs come in deep orange at the time of installation, but their color changes to russet over time. This color transformation normally occurs after 3 years or more. Following that, a patina is formed. This is a protective, oxidized layer on the external portion of the shingle that gives off a greenish tinge. The prolonged existence of copper roofing is made possible by this layer which provides protection against damages caused by the sun, rain and wind.

Copper Roofing Contractors

Many people are hesitant about choosing copper roofing because of its high price tag and the notion that it is complicated to install. They fail to take into account that its expensiveness is well compensated by its longevity. Also, copper roofs are not that complicated to set up as long as you let copper roofing contractors perform the job. They possess appropriate knowledge and skills needed for the installation to ensure that every task, whether laying the roofing material or placing the copper roof flashing, is performed accurately and expertly.

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