Roof Tarring

roof tarring is a procedure that can be done even by a non-roofer as long a person possesses knowledge on the basics of roofing. Learning how to tar can save you a considerable sum of money and time from finding a roofing contractor to do the job. A roof tar is applied on flat roofs to protect them from harmful environmental elements such as extreme rays of the sun and severe rains.
When you do the tarring by yourself, you need to prepare tools and materials necessary for the procedure such a ladder, an extension poll, rollers, and the tar. The following are some tips on tar application.

The moment you have chosen the time of the year to tar your roof, see to it that there would be no episode of rain or snowfall for a couple of days following the performance of the procedure to allow proper setting and curing of the of the tar. You can apply the tar even if the temperature is only 40 degrees F but proper sealing would not occur unless the temperature is no less than 70 degrees F.

As you purchase tars, make sure that you buy the right type and the quantity for your roof.

Before you start tarring, you should plan your starting point so as not stuck yourself in one corner. It is ideal to place your ladder at the farthest point from where you are planning to begin. This way, you would avoid stepping on the painted roof as you go down.

If you are not confident to do the tar application by yourself, then it’s best to let the experts do it. Call roofing contractors in your area now and have them tar your roof.