Steep Roof Repair

Roofs are designed to protect commercial buildings and residential houses from rain, dust, dirt, snow, hail and wind. There are many roofing types that will protect us such as flat roofs, steep roofs and etc. The advantage of a steep roof is that it can automatically shed off these elements, which means that it is easier to maintain. Unlike flat roofs that accumulate leaves, snow and rain in the roof and can cause damage on the foundation of the building, steep roofs has a longer life span.

A steep roof has the ability to discard snow and rain quickly. This helps increase the life span of the roof because the risk of mold and mildew build up on drier roof is low. Also twigs, leaves and other debris fall off the roof easily, preventing accumulation and damage.

However, roof damage is inevitable. At some point, you will encounter roofing problems such as leaking, holes, cracks, exposed nail heads and so on. Immediate steep roof repair is necessary.

When it comes to steep roof repair, safety is the top priority. Steep roof is somewhat difficult to fix because of the degree of slope from the roof. Always observe safety protocols when repairing steep roofs. First, do not work on roof when the weather is bad. Make sure that the roof is dry to prevent falls and slips. Second, use sturdy ladders. See to it that both feet of the ladder is flat on the ground. Ask a helper to secure the ladder on the ground. Third, use gloves and long sleeves shirt to protect yourselves from the harmful effects of UV rays. Fourth, make sure that the person repairing the roof is not under the influence of drugs, alcohol and sedatives. Fifth, use climbing gears, harness and roof jacks to increase safety. And lastly, when in doubt of your capabilities, consult roofing contractors.