Roof Maintenance

When winter is fast approaching, it is necessary to prepare not only yourself from the freezing weather but as well as your home. Winterizing your home is highly important as failing to do so would surely cause you serious dilemmas.

Here are some actions you can take to winterize your home.
Seal Those Leaks – Closing a leak is one of the important aspects in winterizing.
Proper Insulation – Insulating your roof could avoid pipes found on your attic from freezing as when they do, burst pipes are very likely. Such incidence may very damaging to your property and could cost you huge amounts.

Ensure the Functionality of Your Heating System – Check your furnace before the start of the winter season and make sure it is in very good condition.
Check and Clean Your Chimney – Before you start using ire place, make sure is it checked and cleaned well as sometimes foreign matters could be stuck inside.
Insulate Pipes – Wrap pipes with insulating materials to prevent them from freezing.
Clean Up Your Gutters – Keep your gutters free from falling leaves or other garbage to prevent occurrence of an ice dam which the buildup of ice in gutters or roof lines. An ice dam is formed when snow melts, goes through the roof and re-freezes the moment it gets in touch with a non-insulated eave line.

Ice Dam
If formation of an ice dam is not prevented, their accumulated weight may pull-off a gutter. Ice dam repair can be very costly so make sure you prevent its occurrence. Keep your house winterized to avoid yourself from all the hassles they could bring. If you are not sure if your house is completely ready for an upcoming winter season, call roofing contractors in your area have them check it.