Tree Root Intrusion

With regards to everyday plumbing issues which affect the home, amongst the most difficult is tree root intrusion. When trees on the property grow, the roots expand beneath the ground and plumbing pipes become its unwitting victims, unable to withstand the effects of Mother Nature, which, as homeowners well know, can also inflict severe damage on roofs. Just as you would call professional roofers during a roof-related disaster, when tree root intrusion occurs, it is best to use the assistance of an experienced plumber. In fact, as the expert plumbers in San Francisco attest, tree root intrusion cases make for some fascinating stories.

Tree root intrusion finds its way to a crack, hole or gap in whatever type of piping, but is particularly intrusive with sewer pipes. When warm water escapes and collects around a pipe which is buried underneath the ground, it creates the perfect setting for tree roots, drawing them from all over the place. A hole or crack could be extremely small, no bigger than a single strand of hair, yet that is enough for a tiny root to start penetrating the pipes. When one, small root makes its way in, the predicament gradually increases. The gap or crack will continue to expand when growth continues to crowd the pipes. If left unchecked, the roots will eventually destroy the pipe lines as they collapse because of the pressure.

When dealing with tree root intrusion, a plumber has several ways to go. A rooter can be sent down the pipes to clear any existing blockages. Jetting and the use of chemicals are other common methods when attempting to kill plant growth. However, these methods will just delay further deterioration of the pipes, not avoid it. Other alternatives are needed to resolve the issue permanently. Amongst the most effective alternatives is installing a new liner in the existing pipe to deal with trouble spots. The first step is to utilize a rooter or combination of methods to clear the blockage from the line. From that point, the new liner is installed in the pipes. One of the most interesting developments in technology entails Cured in Place Piping, or CIPP piping. It fills the existing pipes and contains a special epoxy that will gradually harden, providing a new liner which would not allow any more leaks to occur. Removing trees that are very close to the house can be helpful also, and will also prevent these possible roof damage during severe weather conditions.